About me

aquarelle moi72


I’m a French artist born in Cherbourg in 1984. I presently live in Finland.

I work with printmaking, sound, edition, installation, performance and drawing. Despite the choice of media, the common factor in my production is the use of accumulation, idiocy, reaction/action methods on ideological themes. I mainly treat political, religious or media related subjects.

Accumulation in my work often means a repetitive process to create links between close subjects; like visual masses or, in a more abstract level, the way the ideologies feed the masses. I’m interested in the visual side of media and its messages, the way we communicate to each other and the way the information is portrayed to us. I analyze and react on the images and the imposed messages to enlighten their and my paradoxes. I archive them to make editions or installations. In my drawing accumulation is more a meditative and an alienative process ; like a feedback from the actual way of life.

The contradictory, censure and not talked limits tend to drive me towards themselves. My reaction is often a visual or performed input, to create a need for discussion which leads to a bigger picture on the subject. This process also helps me to deepen my inner reflexion.

Idiocy is a good method to comment and portray the society we live in, and confront the mechanisms of social scripting. I believe in collective or collaborative art. I wish artists knew as much the technical as the conceptual process to make art, to not to be completely dependent of the industrials or hierarchical ways of the actual global capitalism.


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